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Rare-posters.com sells authentic vintage and antique posters including military, travel and advertising, as well as original antique prints and fine magazines with great cover artwork. The proprietor, Gary Borkan, has been a lifelong collector, and a full time poster and print dealer for over 25 years. He has exhibited at hundreds of shows, and has focused primarily on the Internet since 1997. Gary Borkan is the author of "World War I Posters".

All antique posters and prints are guaranteed for satisfaction and authenticity. A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany each purchase. I only deal in genuine antiques, there are NO REPRODUCTIONS on this website!

Email: garyborkan@aol.com Phone: (617) 459-6474 (7 days: 9AM-9PM EST).
Mailing address: Gary Borkan, P.O. Box 760870, Melrose, MA 02176.


PLEASE TAKE A LOOK! There are over 60 categories of Antique Prints on this website including Illustrator, Old Magazines with Great Cover Art, Maps, Art Deco and Art Nouveau, Historical, Children's, Victorian and earlier!

World War I Posters, by Gary Borkan, is the first pictorial price guide to military posters in 24 years. This book illustrates 460 First World War posters in full color on 240 glossy pages. These are primarily US posters, but 98 foreign First World War poster are shown. Hard- bound with dust jacket and pictorial cover. Publisher's price is $49.95.

WEBSITE PRICE $39.95 (+$4 shipping)


Antique poster dealers in: United States of America Patriotic First World War Posters, Second World War Posters, Tourism, Transportation, Airline, Train, Ship Antique Posters, Sports, Ski, Product, Militaria, WW1, Marine Corps Recruit, Navy, Army, Aviation, Art Nouveau Posters, Art Deco Posters, each poster is guaranteed genuine and old! Antique print dealers in: engravings, color lithographs, Victorian chromolithographs, woodcuts etc.