Item Number: 5979

Title: Grateful Dead, The Paupers, Collage, Alive

Venue: Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco

Artist: Wes Wilson

Date: 1967

Size: 4.5"x8"

Comments: The famed Rock posters of the Psychedic era were also produce in smaller format as postcards and handbills. I obtained a nice original collection of these that were all actually used. These have a feel of age to them, actually part of this historic era, which is both a long time ago, yet not so long ago! Some slight wear and usage adds to the authenticity. This is a postcard that was actually addressed and sent. Very desirable Grateful Dead Postcard. This came in several printing color variants, this one is "1st Printing C"

Price: $95

Condition:A-, fine color

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