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Antique Orange Crate Labels, 1920s-40s, each 10"x11":

F4: Bronco

F29: Sierra Vista

F131: Golden Rod

F130: Sunflower

F134: Cycle

F6: Carro Amano

F125: Tesoro Rancho

F8: Desert Bloom

F9: Full o' Juice

F10: Gold Buckle

F11: Golden Eagle

F12: Good Year

F69: Double A

F14: Have One

F77: Tartan

F16: Idyllwild

F119: Miracle

F18: Kiltie

F76: Pine Cone

F135: Yokohl

F21: Loch Lomond

F13: Handsum

F79: Metropolitan

F24: Polo

F25: Red Peak

F70: Co-Ed

F27: Royal Knight

F28: Shamrock

F127: Caledonia

F68: Exeter

F1: Altissimo

F2: Avenue

F104: Sunny Heights

F19: Lily

F5: Carefree

F52: Greenspot

F114: Scotch Lassie

F55: Airline

Lemon Crate Labels, 1920s-40s, each 9"x12.5":

F36: Golden State

F136: Basket

F38: Lofty

F39: Meteor

F87: Pacific

F41: Parade

F133: Morning Sun

F81: Silver Moon

F33: Evening Star

F83: Tartan

F30: All Year

F129: Santa Rosa

F32: Channel

F100: Shamrock

F35: Festival

F84: Ramona

F123: Panama

F86: Power

F42: Santa

F80: Schooner

F132: King Tut

F82: Sespe

F37: Lemonade

Apple Crate Labels, 1920s-40s, sizes vary around 9"x11":

F43: Appleton

F63: Red Seal

F45: Buddy

F61: Dynamo

F47: Don't Worry

F57: Lake View

F58: Jackie Boy

F59: Mountain Goat

F121: Wilko Red

F122:Wilko Yellow

Pear Crate Labels,1920s-40s, each 7.5"x11":

F48: Golden Bosc

F49: Gold Wing

F50: Hustler

F56: Rose Gold

F65: Statue

F124: Piggy Pears

F74: Sun Smile

Vegetable crate labels, 1930s-40s, Yams 9"x9", Vegs 6"x9":

F88: Joe Sammy's

F89: Smoky Jim's

F90: Champ

F91: Vitamin

F93: Teenage

F94: Lion

F95: Up n'Atom

F97: Hot

Cranberry crate labels, 1920s-30s, each 7"x10":

F107 Jersey Belle

F108: America Beauty

F109: Monmouth

F110: Heather

F111: Gem

F120: Blue Parrot

F113: Harvard


These are original American antique fruit and vegetable crate labels, never used and in mint condition,
quantities of old and original labels have been found in storage warehouses and printing plants,
hence the mint condition, these are excellent examples of commercial advertising lithography,
great for kitchen display! Antique Fruit Crate Labels for Oranges, Lemons, Apples, Pears, Vegetables, California, Washington State