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Scenic Views, History, Portrait, Costume, Ethnographic, Political Cartoons

1899 U.S. Army Color Lithographs 1899 U.S. Navy Color Lithographs 1846 Hinton's "History of the United States" Engraved Views
1913 Wanamaker Indian Photogravures 1940 American Indians by Winold Reiss 1895 American  Bare Knuckles Boxing Prints Thomas Nast 1870s Political Cartoons  and Santa Claus 1796-1804 Engravings English Kings and Queens
Frederick Remington Prints Old West, Indians 1837 Bartlett Engravings: American Scenery 1855 Perry-Japan  Expedition Lithographs
George Catlin Indian Color Lithographs 1888 Historic Costume Color Lithos by Racinet 1830s French Fashion Handcolor Engrav. 1845 McIan's Clans of Scotland 1930s WPA Costume  Screen Prints
1880 French Fashion  Hand-colored Engravings 1862 Portrait Engravings, Famous Americans 1866 Civil War  Portrait Engravings 1866 Civil War  Battle Engravings
1881 Picturesque  Palestine Engravings 1780 English Bible  Engravings, Scarce

Authentic and original antique engravings and lithographs, Eighteenth Century, Nineteenth Century, 18th, 19th