Rare Posters: Unique, hard-to-find


"Les Fleurs Animees", J.J. Grandville famous flower people, Paris 1847

"The Rules of Golf Illustrated", Charles Crombie, original Perrier edition, 24 plates 1905

The American Centenary: Very rare 1876 volume on American Industry
Featuring 60 Steel Engravings of Factories, Industry, Shipping, Railroads, etc:

1882 Large Folio "The Graphic Arts" by Hamerton, 54 art plates:

Full year of 1897 Avant Garde San Francisco periodical "The Lark":

c.1900 Walter Crane illustrator "Goody Two Shoes" great color woodcuts:

The complete William Hogarth engravings, 157 plates, c.1870:

Classic Kate Greenaway "Marigold Garden", color illustrations:

1900 William Nicholson "Characters of Romance" comlete portfolio, rare:

1906 "Lillies and Orchids" illustrated with 24 color lithographs:

1895 "Epithalmion", Art Nouveau designs by George Wharton Edwards:

1901 "The Presidents", huge folio, presidential portraits:

Wonderful French Art Nouveau portfolio by Maurice Neumont, edition of 30:

1906 "The Christy Girl", Howard Chandler Christy, color illustrated:

1876 Frank Leslie's "Historical Register of the Centennial Eposition":

1848-1860 five volume set of "Modern Painters" by John Ruskin, leather: